Opioid Crisis Webinar — Moving to “How”

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Moving to How:
Accelerating Collective Impact To Address The Opioid Crisis

Along with partners partners from an Opioid Solutions Collaborative, eTransX presents a one-hour webinar on “Moving to the How” in building and implementing a plan to address the Opioid Crisis our country is facing.

The webinar addresses many of the challenges that have impeded progress and will answer many of the key questions facing our communities:

  • How do we develop a Strategic approach to the issues?
  • How do we organize and effectively manage a Coalition that truly has impact?
  • How do we use Technology to track client records across multiple organizations?
  • How do we implement SUD Pathways that are more than just 4-step referrals?
  • How do we seamlessly (and legally) integrate medical and justice system records?
  • How do we move to the objective of saving individual’s lives and giving them hope?
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